These sub-programs will take place during several months leading up to the conference. The aim of the programs is to promote the conference as well as to provide platforms for public interested in energy, environment or sustainable development sectors to voice their ideas. There are 3 different competitions available this year: photo competition, infographic competition and essay competition. Other than interesting prize package, winners from each competition will also be invited with free entry to the conference on November. Please be informed that the committee does not provide any accommodation arrangement associated with the conference attendance on November 30 for any winner of the competitions.

General Rules for All Competitions:

  • Entries must not contain any discriminatory or obscene language/content
  • Entries must be original work
  • After submission, all of materials will belong to PYC, thus it reserves the sole right to reproduce and publish any and all of the entries submitted for this competition
  • Registrants can participate in more than one competition at the same time
  • Participation in our competitions is free of charge. There is no registration/administration fee associated with competition application or submission.
  • The final decision of winner for competitions is final and deemed absolute. Once announced, it can’t be rescinded under any circumstance.
  • The works from winner and Top 10 of each competition will be published in our conference on November 30, 2017

Visit the links below to find out more about each competition’s guideline and details of its prizes:




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