Please do not hesitate to contact us at conference@purnomoyusgiantorocenter.org with any of your questions. Before making your enquiries, we also suggest you to check the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first provided below and see if any of these would help you with the answer.

General Questions on the Conference

What is the International Energy Conference by PYC?

This is an annual energy conference that covers a wide variety of energy issues hosted by Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC). For this 1st edition, the conference will focus on sustainable energy development issue. There will be other sub-topics you can follow through paper presentation as well as several pre-competitions leading up to the conference. Make sure you check our programs to find out more on this website. 

How long does the conference last?

This is one day conference and will take place on November 30, 2017 in Jakarta. The program will start at 8.30 am in the morning and will run until 6.00 pm in the same day. Attention for or delegates, please ensure that you are present at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event for registration purpose.

Do I qualify as a delegate for the conference?

There are two programs that enable you to attend the conference as the delegate: call for paper and competitions. Be sure that you participate and secure the acceptance and winning spots in both programs to become a delegate in this event. 

What kind of entry scheme available for potential delegates to apply and join the conference?

As mentioned in previous answer, the conference basically has two different ways that allow potential delegates to partake in our event. There will be call for paper and pre-event competitions (photo, essay and info-graphics). You will be the official delegate of the conference if your paper is accepted and your work is selected as winner in one of our competitions.


What is the topic of the entire conference? Are there any more specific topics that will be discussed throughout the conference?

The main topic is about sustainable energy development, particularly for the case of developing countries such as Indonesia. There will be other sub-topics you can follow in our Call for Paper section as well as our pre-event competitions. The conference aims to cover the energy issues as broad as possible and if you are unsure whether your interest suits our event, please reach out to us for further discussion. We would be very happy to help you address this problem. 

Can you give me a brief outline of the schedule for the conference?

Yes, please check the brief schedule outline here.

I would like to join more than one competition for this conference, is that possible?

Absolutely, you can be a part of more than one competition as well as be a part of our call for paper program at the same time. For the case of Call for Paper, every author can submit more than one abstract and or full paper to the conference. 

I find some difficulties in understanding the regulation for the competition, how can I reach out for help?

We have full explanation in our website regarding the competition but if you still come across any difficulty, please contact us at conference@purnomoyusgiantorocenter.org for further questions.

What are the types of presentation for the research/paper accepted in the conference?

There will be two types of presentation: oral presentation (conducted in parallel room with PowerPoint) and poster exhibition in venue hall. You can choose your preference of which presentation you are comfortable to go with in your preliminary submission (in abstract or full paper).

Can I choose my own preference for paper presentation (Presentation or Poster Exhibition)?

Yes, please ensure that you let us know your preference regarding this matter during your abstract submission in the beginning of application.   

I have some issues in understanding the guidelines of full-paper writing, where can I reach out?

Please mail us at conference@purnomoyusgiantorocenter.org if you still have any questions regarding the guidelines.

Travel and Accommodation

What is the accommodation provided for delegates attending the conference?

The conference will only provide snacks during two breaks, a lunch as well as conference kits which are all covered in the registration fee for the entry to the conference.

For the paper presenter, we will provide one-night hotel accommodation on November 29 in our designated hotel as well as meals supply.

For the papers selected for poster exhibition and winner of the competitions, the author will only receive the free entry to the conference. 

How can I reach Jakarta and the venue for the conference?

There are a lot of international and domestic flights that connect you to Jakarta. And you can use public or private transportation to get to the venue. Our venue detail will be available next month on August 2017. 

On what dates should I reach Jakarta and the venue?

The conference will start at 8.30 am sharp on November 30 and please note that we will have registration process that already opens at 7 am before the conference starts. Make sure that you reach the venue with this time frame in mind.

Is there any possibility that the conference team would help me to obtain visa to enter Indonesia?

The conference will only be able to help the delegates with the letter of conference invitation issuance for visa registration. Please also note that in general, Indonesia has a very friendly regulation regarding the visa as it offers Visa on Arrival scheme to various countries across the world.

Is there any scenario that the conference team could cover my flight expenses?

No, in this case we are very sorry that the committee would not be able to help any delegates with their flight accommodation. You can fundraise or contact your institution/university to help you on this matter.

How is the weather in Jakarta during the conference?

The average temperature in Jakarta in November is usually around 28oC (82.4oF) and during afternoons, it can be very hot with the high temperature can reach up to 32oC (89.6oF). The weather in November is little damp with sparse rains so make sure you are well-prepared for any weather change. 

Regular Registration

Please note that the 2017 conference does not allow regular registration for attendance in the conference. Two programs are available for participation and to secure the place as the delegate in the event: call for paper and competitions. The rest of delegates would attend on the invitation-basis.