“The Future of Sustainable Energy in Developing Countries”

November 30, 2017

Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Jakarta

Hosted by Purnomo Yusgiantoro Center (PYC)

Energy is such a multidisciplinary system that is interwoven in every possible dimension of human growth. Amidst mounting challenges that range from supply insecurity, environmental issue and geopolitical unrest, the energy development undoubtedly faces a monumental test of transformation to a more sustainable future. The PYC conference in 2017 will be a premier venue of engaging scholars and practitioners who are passionate and well-driven to make change in transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future. It is the place where diverse individuals will come together and discuss opportunities and challenges facing our today’s energy system.

Founded on several sub-events, our conference is looking for potential participants to take part in our paper presentation as well as pre-event competitions. Find out more about our call for paper section as well as competitions by clicking the available links at our web’s homepage. We very much look forward to welcoming your participation in our event and seeing you this November!

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